Powder Coating

GrainBelt Powder Coating Photo

Grain Belt’s JIT based Automated Powder Coat Paint System

Powder coating is an electrostatic painting process that utilizes a thermal curing of the finish that results in an excellent topcoat that is attractive, durable, corrosion resistant, and UV stable. Grain Belt offers a variety of colors and this finish is ideally suited for all types of durable machinery and will withstand approximately 750 hours of salt spray resistance.

The ability to immediately process, treat and powder coat paint metal cut parts and have them cured and ready for shipment in a few hours gives the manufacturing partner a large advantage in production planning. Grain Belt's Powder Coating division is Just-in-time based to work with a company’s production schedule.

Powder coating process starts with an eight-stage, stainless steel washer system consisting of phosphoric acid pickle, rinse, alkaline clean, rinse, iron phosphate, rinse and a final sealing stage and reverse osmosis halo rinse at the washer exit to prepare parts for powder coat painting.