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Drag Conveyors

Photo Drag Conveyors

Grain handlers who are concerned about higher grain standards, and fast, efficient movement of grain with less horsepower should consider the Grain Belt Drag Conveyor advantages:

IMPORTANT: Covers are removed for illustration purposes only. Do not engage units without the covers properly installed.

Detail Drag Conceyor

Standard Features

Steel or cast iron sprockets, pillow block bearings, 12 ga. metal trough, 14 ga. flat weather covers, stressproof shafts, UHMW paddles mounted on heavy-duty chain, UHMW return rollers.

Optional Features

Thicker UHMW paddles, roller chain, trough liners with UHMW or abrasion resistant steel plate, bypass inlet, bend section, discharge gate, safety monitor system, rail returns or divided trough.

Assistance and Consultation

We have the staff and means available to assist in evaluating all types of grain handling needs. Flexibility in both design and manufacturing enables us to produce Grain Handling Systems that will fit your operation.

Conveyor Assembly

All parts are jig welded to assure accuracy, interchangeability, and field alignment.

Incline Conveyor operates up to a 45° angle.

Bent sections available up to 45°.