Contract Manufacturing

Grain Belt is a single source metal fabrication superstore for manufacturing companies who need Laser Cutting and Powder Coating services for producing parts with just-in-time deliveries to match their production schedules. Other essential services include Waterjet Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Blasting, Welding and Assembly. A fully staffed engineering department is available to assist from concept to completion on manufacturing projects. Grain Belt engineers can help with research and development, product design, reverse engineering and determine the right material for applications. They have the ability to translate your sketch, plan or drawings into a single part or a complete machine. Grain Belt is centrally located where I-70 and I-135 intersect on an accessible modern campus of buildings with over 230,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. Manufacturing companies from across the country utilize Grain Belt's contract manufacturing services to produce as little as a few cut parts to fulfilling complete assembled and finished machines ready to sell.

Photo 12 High Speed Lasers

Manufacturing companies who outsource to Grain Belt Laser Fabricators / Powder Coating, have been able to reduce their manufacturing costs and shorten production schedules as well as improve their overall product quality. By outsourcing production to Grain Belt, manufacturers can improve their component parts production without adding additional labor, eliminate rework costs, reduce inventory and increase their profits.

Grain Belt Laser Fabrication

Grain Belt Laser Fabrication has the capacity of twelve high speed industrial lasers with eight press brakes. Computer Numeric Controlled lasers are capable of precisely cutting parts from sheet sizes up to 6' x 20'. Large parts can be bent and formed in sizes of up to 22' on 350 ton press brakes. Tube laser with tapping can completely process I and H-beams, C-channel, angle iron, and additional user-defined shapes. This laser has the ability to handle up to 11" diameter pipe or 10" square pipe and handles standard mill lengths as well as materials up to 25' in length.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating at Grain Belt is efficiently handled by an automated powder coat paint system that consists of an eight-stage, stainless steel washer system. It is housed in a dedicated building with over 25,000 square feet that is capable of handling 24 ga. to 1" plate in the same production run. The facility has multiple loading docks and a large door for smaller trailers. Part size on the automatic line can be up to 3' x 5' x 10'. The batch line can handle parts sizes up to 8' x 40'. Parts are cured and ready for shipment or assembly within two and one half hours.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting results in exceptional edge quality of parts from materials like premium mild steel up to 4" thick. The variety of material that can be cut ranges from stainless steel, aluminum, alloys as well as composites, glass, stone, rubber and plastics. The five-axis head cuts material at much tighter tolerance at higher speeds. Grain Belt's waterjet will cut any shape in a single step.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is an economical alternative to Laser cut parts. Grain Belt's High-Def Dual Heads Plasma cutting is perfect for cutting industrial quality parts for up to half the cost of laser cutting. Parts that don't need to be high precision quality can be made more cost efficient with plasma cutting.

Blasting Services

Blasting services complement Grain Belt's powder coat paint division by providing abrasive media blasting to clean and finish steel. Blasting will remove rust, burrs and other surface imperfections for painting and finishing. It also offers the ability to remove prior paint jobs for repainting. Grain Belt also provides soda blast, lead blast and sand blast services

Welding and Assembly

Welding and Assembly of parts is a growing important aspect of Grain Belt's complete service to manufacturing companies. Component parts welded according to client specifications with constant quality control ensures a consistent result will be ready for final assembly and inspection. Experienced and versatile staff can efficiently follow a manufacturing company's most demanding production schedule.